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Tectonic paintings

This collection of mixed-media paintings was great fun to create, and takes advantage of some of the amazing properties of acrylic paint. Acrylics dry quickly, and so multiple layers can be built up to create texture in the work; acrylics can also be mixed with a wide range of different mediums, to add further texture to the work. To create the texture in these paintings I used texture paste, crackle paste, and sand gel medium.

This collection represent large-scale movements on the Earth’s surface. They are abstract bird's-eye views showing three different large-scale movements that take place: lava from a volcano, a glacier, and a tide coming in.

As these pieces are created with texture and depth, I have framed them in simple white float frames, to allow the texture to be seen fully, which wouldn't be achieved behind glass.

I am looking forward to being able to exhibit these paintings, alongside some other new pieces, during the Junction 12 Art Group exhibitions in which I will be taking part this summer.


Mixed media on canvas board in float frame

28cm × 33cm


Lava depicts a slowly flowing stream of molten rock from a volcanic eruption.


Mixed media on canvas board in float frame

28cm × 33cm


Crevasse depicts a deep fissure in a slowly moving glacier, giving a glimpse down to the faster-flowing water below.


Mixed media on canvas board in float frame

28cm × 33cm


Tide depicts a series of waves flowing up on to a beach as the tide comes in.

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