Elemental is a series of artworks created in 2020, based upon the Ancient Greek elements of earth, water, air and fire. The pieces are inspired by the duality of each of these elements: their destructive power, inspiring awe; alongside their necessity to us, and the comforting emotions that they inspire within us. We retain a primal connection with nature and have strong emotional responses to its forces, expressed in these works.

These pieces are each created from multiple individual acrylic pours, assembled together to create a composite whole. 


Acrylic on MDF

116 x 25cm


Ignition is inspired by fire, which is destructive but also comforting and mesmerising. It is intended to evoke emotions aroused by sitting by an open fire, entranced by the dancing flames.



Acrylic on MDF

120 x 60cm



Dreamscape is inspired by water. The different colours in this painting represent the shoreline, shallow waters and deep ocean. The rhythm in the diagonal pattern of the piece echoes the rhythm of waves. 

Mountain Slopes

Acrylic on MDF

60 x 36cm



Mountain Slopes is inspired by the earth: by mountains and valleys, and the colours created by light falling onto slopes at different times of day.