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Find the Silver Linings

Updated: Jul 25

The Twitter Art Exhibit (TAE) is an annual charity event, where artists from around the world donate postcard-sized artworks, and then they are sold to raise funds for a local charity. I hadn't heard of the TAE until this year, when it came to Cheltenham to raise money for Linc (The Leukaemia and Intensive Chemotherapy Fund).

I donated a mixed-media artwork entitled Silver Linings. It depicts a turquoise and deep blue stormy sky over an ocean. There are glimmers of silver leaf in the cloudy sky, reflected in the water, and in a line out on the horizon. This is intended as a reminder to look for the glimmers of light when everything feels dark and stormy.

It was wonderful to go and see my artwork at the racecourse, displayed with nearly 1,000 other works from all around the world. There really was a wonderful variety of styles and media on display,

On the morning of the exhibition I was on BBC radio Gloucestershire talking about my donation to TAE and why I wanted to get involved. You can listen to what I had to say here.

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