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Dreamscape, 120cm x 60 cm acrylic on MDF, is one of the large pieces that I had planned to exhibit this year. I am hoping that I will be able to exhibit these paintings in future, but in the meantime I am introducing them online and describing some of the inspiration between these works.

Dreamscape is part of my Elemental collection, a series of paintings inspired by the Ancient Greek elements of earth, water, air and fire. All of these elements embody an element of duality; of danger and comfort. Dreamscape was inspired by water, by the sea. I have always been drawn to the water. Not just to sun-drenched sandy beaches, but also to the sound of waves crashing on shingle and rocks.

The different colours in the individual pours that make up this artwork represent the shoreline, shallow waters, and the deep ocean. The rhythm in the diagonal pattern of the piece echoes the rhythm of waves as they roll in from the deep ocean and crash onto the shore.

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