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Curating myself

My latest exhibition gave me the opportunity to curate my own art, and create an eye-catching window display highlighting one of my feature artworks, Phoenix.

Curved front window of the Dove Gallery, behind which is a display screen. A large horizontal painting made up of fire-coloured panels is hanging on the display screen. Below this are plinths displaying glass pieces and a small abstract painting of an iris.
Window display at the Dove Gallery

For my second exhibition of the summer, I was at the Dove Gallery in Winchcombe with fused-glass artist Debbie Smith. As there were just the two of us exhibiting, rather than it being a larger group exhibition, I had the opportunity to choose a wider range of work to display, and to create a real showcase of my art. Debbie and I were also able to create coordinating displays of my abstract paintings with her glass, which complemented each other wonderfully.

Image shows three paintings hanging on a wall: the centre painting has a white background with a wispy blue / teal / purple pattern painting across from bottom left in an arc across to top white. The two paintings on either side have a blue background with a white painted wake across it. There is a table below the paintings with a blue patterned fused glass bowl on it.
Dutch pours alongside fused glass

My nature-inspired abstract artworks are intended to provoke emotional responses. I use colours, shapes and patterns to reflect the natural world. Abstract art allows viewers to each interpret the work in their own way. I do also like to explain the thinking behind my collections, and what inspired them. I took the opportunity of having space in this gallery to create description labels for each of the collections that I was highlighting, so that visitors could understand more about the artworks and my processes.

Image shows three paintings in white float flames. From left to right: Tide - a textured painting of sand with ocean and waves above it; Crevasse - a textured painting of the ice of a glacier, with a crevasse running through the centre showing blue water below it; Lava - a textured painting of yellow-red lava flowing through grey rock.
Tectonic collection on display

Having the wall space of this gallery allowed me to display some of my larger feature artworks that I am not always able to display, alongside collections of smaller artworks. Together this enabled me to highlight the range of art that I produce. If you missed seeing the exhibition in person, then you can catch up on it with the video below.

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