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Watercolour and pen on paper

61cm x 51cm in frame

£125 - BUY NOW

This watercolour painting of an acer combines a close-up of the tree trunk with a view in a different direction up towards the canopy of the tree. Being partially sighted, I intended this painting to capture something of the way in which I personally engage with nature. It combines expressive, abstract elements in the background of the sky and the canopy, with more detailed sections on the trunk of the tree. This mirrors how I see large vistas out of focus, while enjoying playfully getting up close to look at and touch details.

The close-up of the bark on the tree trunk is intended to encourage the viewer to get close to the tree, to look at and feel the detail of the bark. There is also moss growing on the bark of this tree, one of the many different textures that can be found among the trees. The view up towards the sky is intended to encourage the viewer to stand close to the tree trunk and look up through the canopy, listening to the moving leaves and the wildlife.

I have included a plaque on the tree trunk similar to those found throughout Westonbirt Arboretum. The message on this plaque demonstrates my love for trees, and the high value that we ought to place on them and their preservation. This plaque reads:

Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple

Stop. Pause. Wait.

Reach up. Spread out your fingers to meet my answering leaves. Let their colours entice, ensnare, ensorcle.

Stop. Pause. Wait.

Japanese Maple: stand close; look up



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