Sarah Goddard creating an acrylic pour painting. Sarah is sitting on the floor, lifting up the end of a canvas to tilt it away from her. The canvas is covered in fluid acrylic paint in lines of sand and ocean colours.

Sarah Goddard

The colours, shapes, textures and patterns of the natural world can calm or enliven us, and I draw inspiration from them when creating my mixed-media abstract artworks. 


We all see the world around us differently and our experiences impact on how we perceive our surroundings. Being sight-impaired, I bring different perceptions and representations of the world to my art. I aim to embody the emotional experiences prompted by nature, and snapshots of the way I see the world.

Creating art is an essentially human way of communicating emotions, and I am driven to creativity to express myself. Many people face barriers to participating in creative activities, and I am passionate about encouraging and enabling people to access art and creative activities.

All of the priced artworks on this site are available for sale and I also create unique commissioned artworks.

If you are in the UK, you can purchase any of these paintings on my Marcel microsite.

If you live outside the UK, do get in touch with me if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces. 

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