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Make Room for Art

This group artwork was created during my Room for Art exhibition in February 2022  at Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham. The final artwork was built up of many small artworks painted in acrylic paint on MDF. 

Art has benefits for all of us. I believe we can all be creative, but many people face barriers to taking part in art. As a sight-impaired artist, I have often felt like an imposter in the art world. I now recognise that we all see the world around us slightly differently from one another. My way of seeing and representing the world is just as valid as anyone else's. There are a whole range of other reasons why people may not engage in creative activities. Creating art has brought me great benefits, especially to my mental health. and I wanted to share this with others.

It was a wonderful experience to provide a space for visitors to the gallery to spend time being creative, and working individually to build up this mass abstract landscape. 

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