Make Room for Art: Q&As

Where will this happen?

In the Gardens Gallery in Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham GL50 2XL.

There are a few steps up to the front entrance of the gallery, and level access is available at the back of the gallery. 

Photograph showing view across Montpellier Gardens towards the Gardens Gallery, with the bandstand on the right hand side.

When will this happen?

It will take place 2-6 February 2022. You can take part between 10am and 5pm on any of these days. 

To help keep everyone safe, I would like to limit the number of people who are in the gallery at any one time. To help me manage this it would be great if you could register to let me know when you plan to take part. 

Do I need to book?

There is a limit of 100 people who can take part in this project, so do please register so that you don't miss out. As I would like to limit the number of people who are in the gallery at any one time it would be great if you could let me know when you plan to take part when you register.

How long will it take?

This is really up to you. You will be creating a small artwork using acrylic paint. You can book on to any of the one-hour slots, but it is up to you how much of that time you spend on your painting. 

I have no experience of painting.. Can I take part?

Yes, of course. I believe that we can all be creative and enjoy making works of art. I will be there to give you advice and guidance if you would like it. It's about enjoying the process and taking part. 

What will I get at the end?

On the day that you take part, you will leave your artwork in the gallery to dry. When the artworks are dry, I will combine them all together to create one large artwork, which I will photograph.

You are welcome to come back to the gallery on the afternoon of Monday 7 February to see the complete artwork. After the exhibition, I will send you the small artwork that you created, as well as an image of the whole artwork, so you can see how it fits together with all of the other artworks.

Does it cost anything?

No, it is free to take part in this event. 

Do I need to bring anything with me?

I will provide all the art materials for you to create your artwork. As you will be painting, it would be best to wear old clothes. 

Keen to take part?

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