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October newsletter

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Welcome to my newsletter, keeping you up-to-date with the latest from my studio.

I am looking forward to running two free workshops next week, in Cheltenham library and Cheltenham children's library. Those who come to these drop-in workshops will be encouraged to create small artworks of outdoor spaces where they enjoy spending time. The pieces can also include text to convey how these outside spaces make people feel, or words describing the outdoor activities that they enjoy. The pieces created can then be left to be put on display in the library lobby, before being collected at a later date.

Nature-inspired art  Join Artist Sarah Goddard for a relaxed workshop creating art inspired by local outdoor spaces, and how they make you feel.  Artworks can either be taken away or left to be put on display in the library lobby and collected later.     FREE  ALL AGES  DROP-IN     Cheltenham children's library  Tuesday 25 October  10am-1pm     Cheltenham library  Wednesday 26 October  10am-1pm
Nature-inspired art workshops

In my studio at The Wilson, I have been planning the workshops and talks that I will be delivering as part of the Wilson's programme in the first half of 2023. I look forward to sharing these with you in my next newsletter.

While working in my studio, I have been busy doing preparatory work for the collection of new landscape paintings that I am working on. This includes experimenting with different styles of painting and ways of incorporating texture within artworks.

My plan for this collection of paintings is that they should reflect something of how I experience nature: seeing large expanses out of focus, but then getting up close when a colour or pattern catches my eye. They will combine abstracted elements, with small pieces of greater detail. I also intend to incorporate some textured and tactile elements. When I am outside, I love to feel tree bark, to stroke leaves, petals, and grass heads.

My inclusion of texture is in part to add a non-visual element as I am visually impaired, but largely because I am just interested in texture and the tactile nature of natural elements.

A portrait-orientation, roughly rectangular plaster sculpture of a stem of fuchsia flowers. The stem runs diagonally upwards from the bottom right-hand corner of the plaster. There are a number of buds, open flowers, and leaves hanging downwards from this main stem.
Plaster cast relief sculpture of a stem of fuchsia flowers

The fuchsias in our back garden are back in bloom again after a first flush in July, delivering wonderful vibrant colours through this now rainy October weather. This has allowed me to practice creating plaster-case bas reliefs of these flowers. While I would like to incorporate these coloured within a painting, to add texture, I also love the simplicity of the plain plaster. and how it allows you to concentrate on the shapes of the flower heads and leaves.

I am hoping to find time to update my website and Etsy shop soon, so that my paintings, prints and greetings cards will be on sale online again. In the meantime, if you would like to purchase anything from me, do just drop me an email.

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