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July newsletter

Welcome to my newsletter, keeping you up-to-date with the latest from my studio. 

The cancellation of several of my planned exhibition gave me the impetus to create my website. This provides me with an online area to introduce my recent artworks and to explain some of the processes used in creating them. While I haven't been able to show these pieces in public yet, this does give me the opportunity to share my work widely online, and I am pleased that some of them have already found new homes. 

While lockdown has kept us away from friends, family, and art galleries, technology has provided us with great ways to stay in touch. As well as zooming with our families, we can take detailed virtual tours of museums. However, I still find myself reaching for pen and paper at times to keep in touch. I'm sure many of us relish the sound of a card dropping through the postbox more than we do the ping of an email appearing in our inbox. I have added some new sets of greetings cards to my website, to help people keep in touch, while sending a little bit of art through the post. 

I have written in an earlier blog post about some of the ways in which lockdown affected me as an artist: Art in Lockdown. I initially lost my sense of creativity, but rediscovered it through producing pieces of art in reaction to the pandemic. 

Now my sense of creativity has returned with a vengeance. However, I have been unwell over the last few months, limiting my ability to create. While I am recovering I am not able to spend hours at a time working on a piece of art, as I would like to. Instead I am now embarking on a new collection of pieces of slow art. This collection will take advantage of some of the properties of acrylic paint: acrylics dry quickly, and so multiple layers can be built up to create texture in the work; acrylics can also be mixed with a wide range of different mediums, to add further texture to the work. This enables me to work slowly on these pieces, a layer at a time. I am looking forwards to sharing this collection of landscape-inspired paintings with you in future months. 


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